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Exquisite 1960 Yngve Ekström Scandinavian Design Bench for Sale

Yngve Ekström (1913-1988) was a Swedish furniture designer, wood carver, sculptor, and architect, and is considered one of the leading figures in Scandinavian modern furniture design. He is best known for his iconic chair design, the “Lamino” from 1956, which is a hallmark of mid-century modern design and is still in production today.

Ekström’s furniture designs are characterized by a deep understanding of wood as a material, combined with a modernist aesthetic that emphasizes clean lines, organic forms, and functionality. His work often reflects the principles of human ergonomics, making his pieces not only beautiful but also comfortable.

The bench is in line with Ekström’s design philosophy, combining practicality with a strong visual presence. The slender, curved armrests and the sleek profile are indicative of the minimalist style that dominated the 1960s Scandinavian design scene.

Pieces designed by Ekström and his contemporaries have become highly collectible and are often seen as investment pieces due to their craftsmanship, design provenance, and the enduring quality of their materials.

The ‘hufterproof’ skai upholstery makes it ideal for homes with pets, as it minimizes damage from the nails of large dogs, ensuring durability alongside its classic aesthetic appeal.
The back of the sofa has some movement in the construction on the right side and produces a somewhat creaking sound. The previous owner always had it against the wall so it wasn’t a problem.

Price: € 995,-

138 cm x 74 cm x 79 cm Seat height: 36 cm

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