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Vintage Design houten stoelen met plaats voor je tijdschrift

Unieke Set Vintage Houten Kerkstoelen

Deze authentieke houten stoelen, afkomstig uit een historische kerk, zijn niet alleen een stukje geschiedenis maar ook een praktische aanwinst voor uw ruimte. Vervaardigd uit hout, bieden ze zowel een robuuste zitervaring als een tijdloze esthetiek.

Elke stoel beschikt over een ingenieus ontworpen opbergruimte onder de zitting, perfect voor het bewaren van je boek of tijdschrift of andere persoonlijke items. Hun eenvoudige en elegante ontwerp maakt ze geschikt voor diverse interieurstijlen, van traditioneel tot modern.

Deze stoelen zijn goed stapelbaar.

Afmetingen: 47 cm breed, 50 cm diep, 84 cm rughoogte, 45 cm zithoogte.

Prijs: € 45,- Per stuk

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Vintage Jaren 50 Rode Spijlenstoel – Klassiek & Stijlvol Interieuraccent

Deze elegante Deense spijlenstoel, gekleed in een levendig rode tint, is een subtiele knipoog naar de vijftiger jaren. Hij draagt een sfeer van gezelligheid met zich mee, ideaal voor intieme avondjes of rustige ochtenden met een krantje en een kop koffie. Zijn slanke lijnen en sierlijke poten maken hem tot een charmante verschijning die niet te veel ruimte inneemt, maar wel een blijvende indruk achterlaat. Een uitnodiging om te gaan zitten en te genieten van de simpele genoegens van het leven.

Afmetingen: 47 cm breed, 42 cm diep, rughoogte 83 cm en zithoogte 47 cm

Prijs: 35,-

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Set of Four Mid Century Modern Danish Dining Chairs Papercord Solid Pine

These chairs are made of pine and rope, two natural materials that create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Pine is also a durable and sturdy type of wood, which is long lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Rope is a flexible and resilient material, which adapts to the shape of the body and provides a comfortable sitting experience.
These chairs were designed by Tage Poulsen, one of Denmark’s most influential and innovative furniture makers. He is known for his minimalist and functional style, which fits perfectly with the Scandinavian design philosophy. His work is admired worldwide and exhibited in museums and galleries. They are also an eye-catcher in any room, as they have a unique and elegant design that stands out among other furniture.
There are some signs of wear on the rope as you can see in the photos. We can have them rewoven for you on request.

Dimensions: Height: 34.26 in (87 cm)Width: 29.53 in (75 cm)Depth: 20.48 in (52 cm)Seat Height: 16.93 in (43 cm)

Price: On request

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EARLY Vintage J39 Peoples chair by Børge Mogensen 1950

The chairs shown are a quintessential example of Scandinavian design, likely the J39 dining chairs designed by Danish furniture maker Børge Mogensen around 1960. Characterized by their simple yet elegant form, the chairs are crafted from sturdy beechwood with a warm hue, indicating a beautiful patina acquired over the years. The seats are woven with natural cord, offering aesthetic appeal as well as comfort and breathability. Known as “The People’s Chair,” these pieces are celebrated for their durability and versatility, epitomizing functional and timeless design.

Børge Mogensen was a pivotal figure in Danish furniture design and a proponent of the functionalist movement. Born in 1914, he aimed to create practical, durable, and affordable furniture for the average household, reflecting a democratic design philosophy. Trained as a cabinetmaker and architect, Mogensen was heavily influenced by the minimalist aesthetic and the principle of form following function.

Mogensen’s work, particularly from the 1940s to the 1960s, is celebrated for its emphasis on simplicity and the use of high-quality materials. His J39 dining chair, designed in 1947, is a testament to his commitment to utility and classic style, becoming a staple in homes and public institutions in Denmark and internationally.

Mogensen’s legacy in design is marked by his timeless pieces, many of which, like the J39, continue to be in production due to their enduring appeal. His furniture has become synonymous with the mid-century Danish modern movement and is highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts for its craftsmanship, beauty, and functionality.

Price: On request

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Vico Magistretti Italian Ash Wood and Rush Barstools – Vintage 1960s Design

An Italian trio of barstools, conceived by the esteemed designer Vico Magistretti, radiates a minimalist and unassuming design. The supporting structure, crafted from ash wood, follows a disciplined arrangement of straight lines and precise angles, resulting in a starkly geometric stance. The seating area is adorned with a rush matting, skillfully handwoven using an age-old technique that interlaces long, dry strands of grassy material. These pieces reflect a sophisticated yet rustic charm, blending simple elegance with the authenticity of artisanal workmanship.

Dimensions: Height: 39.77 in (101 cm)Width: 16.15 in (41 cm)Depth: 16.93 in (43 cm)Seat Height: 27.96 in (71 cm)

Price: On request

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Vintage Casala Ocean Stoelen – Stijlvolle Elegance in het Mat Zwart

Ontdek de perfecte mix van retro-charme en eigentijdse flair met deze prachtige vintage Casala Ocean stoelen!
Opnieuw gestoffeerd met een luxueuze zwarte matte stof, zijn deze stoelen de ultieme blikvangers voor jouw interieur.
Met hun kenmerkende organische vormen en strakke lijnen, zijn deze iconische stoelen een lust voor het oog en een genot om in te zitten.
Bovendien is deze stoel niet alleen mooi, maar ook duurzaam. Door te kiezen voor vintage stoelen die opnieuw zijn gestoffeerd, draag je bij aan een meer circulaire economie en verminder je je ecologische voetafdruk. Het is een win-win situatie: stijlvol design en milieubewustheid in één.

Afmetingen: zithoogte 45 cm en de armleuning zit op 66.5 cm

Prijs: € 495,- voor de set van 4

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Brutalist Pierre Chapo Style T-back Dutch Design Beech wood

Beautiful Brutalist Beech chairs made in the Netherlands around the 70’s.
Probably inspired by the designs of Pierre Chapo.
We have sandblasted the chairs so you get back the pure natural wood.
They are comfortable and very sturdy

Fits perfect with the designs of: Charlotte Periand, Pierre Jeanneret, George Nakashima etc.

Keywords: Sustainable, pure, solid, calm, nature, art, sculptural, architecture, natural, wood, Wabi Sabi, perfect imperfection, modernism, raw.

Price: On request

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Marko S201 Ynske Kooistra Dining Room Chairs

Wonderfull designed chairs by Ynske Kooistra for Marko in the 60s
Compass shape legs.
This design was inspired by the designs of Jean Prouve, which inspired several designers at the time.
The frame is made of steel and the seat is made of waterproof Pagholz.

Beautiful chair at your desk or as a set on the dining room table.

Keywords: Prouvé, Mid-Century Design, Minimalist, Modern, Sculptural, Mid-Mod, Office at home, Dutch Design

Price: On request

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Set of 4 Dirk Van Sliedregt Rattan Chairs Black Legs Rohe Noordwolde

4 Beautiful chairs with a rattan seat and black coated metal base.

(1920-2010) Dirk van Sliedregt, important furniture designer, interior architect, teacher.

Fit perfectly with the designs of, among others: Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier

Keywords: Sustainable, pure, calm, nature, art, sculptural, architecture, natural, modernism.

Dimensions: 45 cm width, 52 cm depth, 79 cm height, the seat height is 44 cm.

Price: On request

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Set of 6 Brutalist Wabi Sabi Oak Dining room Chairs

Six robust and heavy dark oak chairs.
Fit perfectly with the style of designers such as Axel Einar Hjorth, Charlotte Perriand, Jean Touret and Charles Dudouyt.
The chair sits comfortable and the use of only natural materials gives it a warm appearance.
The chairs fits in a Brutalism, Rural or Modern interior.

Keywords: Sustainable, pure, solid, calm, nature, art, sculptural, architecture, natural, wood, oak, Wabi Sabi, perfect imperfection, modernism, raw.

Dimensions: Height: 38.59 in (98 cm)Width: 20.08 in (51 cm)Depth: 21.66 in (55 cm)Seat Height: 17.72 in (45 cm)

Price: On request