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Set of 6 Brutalist Chairs, Solid Oak, Spain, 1970s

Very typical and exclusive Brutalist design chairs.
Bought from the 1st owner who bought it in an exclusive home furnishings store in the Netherlands in the 1970s.
These people have always been very careful with it.
The frame is made of brushed oak and has a very nice coarse look but still feels soft.

Keywords: Sustainable, Pure, Solid, Calm, Nature, Art, Sculptural, Architecture, Natural, Wood, Oak, Wabi Sabi, Perfect Imperfection, Modernism, Raw, Geometrical

Height: 40.16 in. (102 cm)
Width: 17.33 in. (44 cm)
Depth: 22.45 in. (57 cm)
Seat Height: 18.31 in. (46.5 cm)

Price: On request