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Rare Small 17th century Dutch (Nursery) Cushion cabinet Oak White painted

This model cabinet was called ‘Tafelkast’ (table cabinet) in the Netherlands because the base resembles the Dutch Renaissance and early Baroque tables. Cabinets of this type are usually manufactured in larger dimensions. This rare type of cabinet is much smaller and specifically designed for the rooms of newborn children of wealthy or noble families. For that reason they are called ‘Kraamkamerkast’, or ‘Luyermand’s cabinet’. in earlier times. This beautiful cabinet was intended for storing linen and other baby supplies.

This cabinet has 2 parts, an upper part and a lower part.
Made of solid oak.
The cabinet has had several repairs and replacements over the centuries, the chassis is somewhat unstable but this is not a problem with normal use.
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The base is 84 cm wide, 57 cm deep and 67 cm high.
The wall cabinet is 99 cm wide, 65 cm deep and 93 cm high.
Total height when they are on top of each other 155 cm

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