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Ibo-Izzi, Nigeria Old ‘Ogbodo Enyi’ Elephant Mask

This mask type of the Ibo-Izzi, a subgroup of the Ibo, is actually a dance crest. The elephant mask ‘ogbodo enyi’ is worn horizontally on top of the head. A soft ring made of woven plant fibres serves as ‘padding’. Formally, the ‘Ogbodo enyi’ is a composite mask derived from different animals: the protruding tusks of an elephant are combined with the open mouth of a hippopotamus and parts of a wart hog. The projection on the forehead represents the ‘trunk of the elephant’. ‘Ogbodo enyi’ is regarded as a ‘friend of the village’ and a good-natured masked being that protects the community.
Made around the 1920 but could also be older.
Made of light-coloured wood, dyed white, black and earth red/brown.
For the condition please take a look at the detail photo’s.

Dimensions: Height: 12.21 in (31 cm)Width: 23.23 in (59 cm)Depth: 11.42 in (29 cm)

Price: On request