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Black leather Gelderland three-seater sofa 1960s

Beautiful and fairly rare, black leather, three-seater sofa made by Gelderland in the 60s.
The sofa was reupholstered with black leather about 20 years ago, the leather is still in a good flexible condition.
The legs of the sofa are made of solid rosewood.

Measurements: 185 cm wide, 75 cm deep, back height 64 cm and seat height 40 cm.


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French Luxury Glamorous Art Deco Sofa integrated light ca 1925

Extreme Luxury Glamorous French Art Deco Sofa / Cozy corner ca 1925.
Rare is the integrated light on the left and the 2 glass shelves on the right.
The sofa has new dark blue velvet fabric.
Extraordinary design!

Total width 252 Max depth 99cm Max height 103cm Left cupboard 23 x 99 x 92/77 cm
Right cupboard 23 x 65 x 103/77 Sofa 187 x 75 x 75 x 44 cm Rear construction 197 x 18 x 30 cm


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RARE Base Spectrum Michiel van der Kley Sofa Aluminium frame 2001

This sofa was designed by Michiel van der Kley for Spectrum in 2001.
There are only around the 30 pieces and is therefore extremely rare.
High quality and very heavy construction. The right pillow has a repair at the top seam and some scratches on the aluminium frame as you can see in the photos.

Measurements: 210 cm Width, 84 cm deep, 74 cm height, Seat height 40 cm.


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Rare Durlet Buffalo Neck-Leather Sofa 1970s

Rare Buffalo Neck-Leather sofa by Durlet:

“Durlet was founded in 1966 with the vision to make a difference as a seating furniture manufacturer with a number of very conscious choices: working with external, renowned designers; create your own brand identity; focus on products of the highest level in quality of finish and materials; the need for comfort and ergonomics. High-quality textiles and the best leathers from the most reputed tanneries in Europe are processed here with Belgian craftsmanship into unique seating furniture. They are always designed by renowned designers, but they are only made-to-order piece by piece

Measurement: 166 x 84 x 70
Seat height 38

Price: On request

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Vintage Design De Sede DS 84 Leather Sofa, Switzerland, 1970s

Vintage Design De Sede DS 84 2-zitsbank, in dik nekleer, gemaakt in Zwitserland in de jaren 70.
Heel typerend voor De Sede designs zijn de mooie dikke stiksels die de vorm bepalen.

Afmetingen: H 80 cm x B 140 cm x D 88 cm

Vintage Design De Sede DS 84, 2-seat sofa, in thick neck leather made in Switzerland in the 1970s.
Very typical of De Sede designs are the beautiful thick stitching that determines the shape.