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Vienna Secession J. & J. Kohn 1880/90 Bench No. 11

Within the field of curved wood sofas, Kohn’s model No. 11 is a very balanced piece in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Although catalog number 11 corresponds to a chair by Hermanos Thonet, this house has never made an equivalent canapé with the same number. Kohn took advantage of this gap to design this rather comfortable two-seater. The first time it appeared in the catalog was in 1882, but it was not until 1885 that the entire set No. 11 was presented: sofa, chair and armchair, characterized by having an oval piece -or three in the case of the sofa- meshed on the back. . The sofa has a small oval piece in the center framed by two crossed bars that make curved shapes that give the piece a modernist air.

Height: 40.56 in. (103 cm)
Width: 46.07 in. (117 cm)
Depth: 27.56 in. (70 cm)
Seat Height: 17.72 in. (45 cm)