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Brutalist Spanish Oak Rush Barstools 70’s

Gorgeous oak bar stools with wicker seat and oak frame.
Clear pin hole connections give the chairs a nice robust look.
The stools are in a good condition with some visible signs of wear, see the detail photo’s.

Kewords: Wabi-Sabi, Brutalist, Natural Materials, Sustainable, Farmhouse, Mix and Match, Robust, Tough, Earth, Nature, Mordern Interior, Concrete.

Height: 41.74 in. (106 cm)
Width: 14.97 in. (38 cm)
Depth: 17.33 in. (44 cm)
Seat Height: 27.56 in. (70 cm)

2 pieces available, price on request.

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Vintage Design Mart Stam Fasem Italy Barstools 80’s

Three beautiful Vintage Design barstools in black leather by designer Mart Stam for Fasem- Italy from the 80’s.
The chairs have a cantilevered tubular metal frame with black leather seating and backrest.
The previous owner was so proud of his barstools that he left the cards of Fasem hang on the chairs.
Very good vintage condition!

Dimensions (witdh x depth x height x sitting height): 48 x 48 x 89 x 57 cm.