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Vico Magistretti Italian Ash Wood and Rush Barstools – Vintage 1960s Design

An Italian trio of barstools, conceived by the esteemed designer Vico Magistretti, radiates a minimalist and unassuming design. The supporting structure, crafted from ash wood, follows a disciplined arrangement of straight lines and precise angles, resulting in a starkly geometric stance. The seating area is adorned with a rush matting, skillfully handwoven using an age-old technique that interlaces long, dry strands of grassy material. These pieces reflect a sophisticated yet rustic charm, blending simple elegance with the authenticity of artisanal workmanship.

Dimensions: Height: 39.77 in (101 cm)Width: 16.15 in (41 cm)Depth: 16.93 in (43 cm)Seat Height: 27.96 in (71 cm)

Price: On request